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Hustling Rebates In Real Estate

A real estate commission rebate is not considered taxable income!

What does that mean?  Well, it means you would get tax free money back soon after closing on your next home or property!!!!  Sounds good but not many Realtors are offering it.  Yet.  However, once you know about real estate rebates, you would be crazy not to seek out the largest one you could find! It really is that simple.

Let’s face it you are going to do the majority of the work finding and purchasing your new home and that is a fact!  So why not treat this like a business deal which it is and shop for the best rebate you can get.  Hey, everyone knows a real estate agent or ten, but this is BUSINESS, don’t make the costly mistake and make this personal.  Ask them all what kind of rebate you can expect from them when you use their services.  Remember it is your money that you are bringing to the table so get some back!

List2Move.com in Rochester and Syracuse, NY have been offering hefty rebates over the last couple years but so few people actually get it!  This can add up to literally thousands of dollars, that you were bringing to the closing table either way!!!!

Check your state to see if commission rebates are legal.  New York State allows real estate commission rebates!

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Google axes Real Estate Listings in Feb

Consumers will not be able to search Google maps for real estate listings and real estate companies/brokerages won’t be able to upload any listings….Interesting move by Google.  Well to be honest, everything Google does is interesting…

Majority of Buyers Don’t Shop for Mortgages

A recent poll by Harris Interactive (I believe they are right here in Rochester, NY) and LendingTree showed that 40% of home buyers only obtain only one mortgage loan quote before applying and only 28% of those polled believed they got a got the best deal! They also mentioned that 70% said that mortgage shopping is a frustrating experience!  Sound familiar?

Here’s why…. Mortgage shopping is crazy confusing, even for seasoned veterans… Good luck comparing quotes.  Most lenders have their own forms and hide as many points and charges that they can in the whole process.  They can give you a quote today and flip you into another program over the phone two weeks from now and bury it in the paperwork.  Works out well for the lender’s bottom line doesn’t it?

Here is my little secret, and  it works…

Look at the Good Faith Estimate which they have to give you before you commit to the loan (usually with in 3 days)  and look at the “APR” (Annual Percentage Rate) vs the Interest Rate.  There is a difference.  The interest rate they gave you over the phone is not a true representation of the effective interest you will be paying on the loan!!!!

APR Definition taken directly off LendingTree’s website…..

The APR formula
The APR formula combines a loan’s interest costs with other fees charged by a lender over the life of the loan, and expresses them as a yearly percentage. The APR is therefore a better reflection of the true cost of borrowing than interest rates alone and is a good benchmark for comparing loan offers.

Now go out and compare some loans!!

Great Article on Staging

Here is some evidence that staging a house might get you more money.  Want to sell your home fast?

The List2Move.com Four Year In-House Study (2006-2009) Part 2

This data shows all the sellers who did not sell with List2Move.com and thought that a “full service” agent could get them the price they wanted.  The results again, speak for themselves but there are a few interesting points.

  • Not a single seller got more money when utilizing full service.
  • All properties had to reduce their price to sell, even with full service.
  • All sellers had to reduce and pay out 6%

Click on picture to enlarge


It is clear that an overpriced house will sit on the market longer.  The average house reduced $12,920 before giving up, and then relisted and gave up another $13,173 and then had to pay $6,073-$12,146 in commissions.

The moral of the story. You can reduce the price of property or you can pay someone to do it for you and pay them 6% to do it.

Flat Fee MLS in New Hampshire

List2Move.com is now offering flat fee mls access to the whole state of New Hampshire and Seller Solution Services (www.nhlist2move.com) is the local exclusive brokerage covering the whole state of New Hampshire,  located in Milford, New Hampshire.

Sellers can simply log to the website from their home computer, fill out the forms, and upload their photos or call the local broker,  Rebecca for assistance.  She can be reached at (603) 821-0281.

Flat Fee MLS is changing the way the game of real estate is played and List2Move’s brokers and agents are delivering with user friendly technology that saves home-sellers thousands of dollars.  Many List2Move brokers are also offering rebates to buyers!

Brokers, join America’s first fully automated flat fee network.  List2Move.com, by utilizing Web 2.0, offers the most hands down, profitable business model available today! Bring List2Move.com to your city by going to Flat Fee Central and registering.  Flat Fee Central offers two options, either MLS affiliate (non-exclusive) or Equity Affiliate (exclusive).