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Getting started with List2Move

Last thing you do is pay…so go ahead and start building your listing today…!!!!  List2Move.com

Watch this video and get started.  You can list any property; Residential, Land, Commercial, Town House/Condo, and even Rentals!  We teach you how do do what your real estate agent does and we are always there for you if you have any questions! Continue reading

Why selling home by owner makes so much cents!

Selling by owner has evolved to the point where it is taking market share from traditional brokers.  Why, you might ask?  Because it has gotten to the point where it is easy!

Let’s face it….

  • You’re going to show your property either way and in many cases, while your agent is out getting new listings or at their kids softball game, you are going to open up.  And it’s hard to hide when your face to face with a buyer.
  • You’re going to negotiate either way, but you already know what your bottom line is and not having the overhead of a middleman can put you in a much better competitive position to negotiate.  It is all about dollars and cents here.  If you have more to work with you are simply in a better position to negotiate.
  • The forms are just fill in the blanks so most people know where to put the price offered and the closing date.  This isn’t rocket science especially when help is a phone call away, if you are with List2Move.com
  • Qualifying buyers is as simple as asking them, “have you been to the bank?” and finding out where they bank.  That’s what the pros do before they let anyone in the house.

The bottom line is….

In order to compete with the “full service” Realtors you need access to their local tools and only List2Move.com can get you there through it’s patent pending MLS listing machine.  Give yourself the edge for a fraction of the cost and list your property on List2Move.com.  If we don’t have an affiliate where you list we will interview a like minded broker who will assist you!



Flat Fee MLS in Rochester NY

List2Move.com has been doing Flat Fee MLS in Rochester NY now for over 7 years and their business philosophy hasn’t changed from day one;

“if you give homeowners the same tools as the professionals, they will succeed.”

When we started years ago there was only one other company doing flat fee and they were doing it for over a thousand dollars.  We hit the market using technology and the Internet and at a fraction of their cost we put them out of business.  We developed systems to eliminate the middlemen in the equation which equates to big savings.

The founder of List2Move.com delivered a talk to the the NYS Bar on New Business Models in real estate in 2006. Continue reading

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) in Rochester NY

Rochester NY’s FLAT FEE, FSBO Leader


You have heard about “Location, Location, Location” in real estate but when you are selling your homes by owner you have to think about INFRASTRUCTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE!  Why? Because if you hitch your wagon to the wrong star you run the risk of leaving lots of money on the table.  


List2Move (formerly called FlatFeeRochester.com) was started right here in Rochester NY almost 7 years ago with the idea that if you give the sellers the RIGHT tools (the same ones the agents and brokers use) and a little coaching along the way, that they would be able to successfully sell their own real estate.  Well Rochester, it is working really well!  We can tell you with confidence that by listing with List2Move.com you have a 42% better chance of not paying any co-brokers commission at all. (And much better service and better signs than anyone in or out of town!)  We have saved our homeowners (our neighbors) over a $1,000,000 (million)  in commissions!


That being said, it is also true if you go with the cheapest service out there you are going to get some real cheesy looking signs, and little if any infrastructure which makes a big deal if you are really trying to save the most money.  So if you want to save the most money, have the least amount of problems and sell quick there is still only one real contender, the market leader….List2Move.com




You need to be in front of the Buyers!

Are you marketing to all the buyers?

There are only 4 types of home buyers!

1. The buyer in a hurry.   This is a buyer that is ready to buy today! They may be moving to this area because of a job transfer, or have already sold their present home and need to find another one fast, or they may just be the kind of people that like to make quick decisions.  These buyers are typically pre-qualified with a lender and almost always work with a Realtor.  They don’t have time to drive all over town trying to track down a home to buy.  Since 97% of the homes for sale are listed with Realtors, these buyers know it’s just easier to get help from a Realtor.


2. Those Not in a Hurry.  This type of buyer is serious.  They may be first time home buyers, or have just recently put their current home on the market, but don’t have a buyer lined up yet.  This type of buyer is also prone to working with a Realtor.  They THINK that working with a buyers agent doesn’t cost them any money and if they are first time home buyers, they may feel helpless and need someone to walk them through the process and protect their interests.


3. The Investor.   This type of buyer is looking for a steal.  Their idea is to find someone that’s desperate to sell so they can buy the home at a steep discount.  This type of buyer is almost never pre-qualified with a lender so you’ll never really know if they can actually afford to buy your home, but they’ll tell you it’s not a problem.  If you advertise your home on Craig’s List, you will get calls from the Investor.


4. Tire Kickers.   This type of buyer is a time waster. They can’t afford to buy because of bad credit or no money, but they won’t ever tell you this.  They like to spend their weekends just looking at homes and wasting your time.  They’ll tell you they love your house and ask all kinds of questions.  They’ll get your hopes up, but after they walk out the door, you’ll never hear from them again.  When you call them, they’ll have some excuse of why they’re “not ready to buy right now” or they’ll say, “We’re still looking”.


If 97-98% of all the homes for sale in this area are listed with real estate firms, where do you think the serious buyers most likely to go?  That’s right, the MLS or a Realtor or Homesteadnet.com, or List2Move.com or Realtor.com or Nothnagle, or Hunt or Remax…..you get the picture.  POSITION YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS BE WHERE THE SERIOUS BUYERS ARE AND GET ON THE MLS.  List2Move it and get it sold!

Positioning your home for sale in Buffalo, NY

The FSBO place to be in Buffalo

Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors owns the website “2findyourhome.com.”  This is one of hundreds of syndicated websites on the Realtor network, but is the powerhouse in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

If you are not positioning your property on this website you are not getting the same exposure as Realtors and you are missing the majority of buyers.  List2Move.com can get you on this website without paying traditional commissions, just click on the link and get started.

The Buffalo News looses in Real Estate listings dept.

Many local newspapers get all the real estate listings in return for favors,  but not in Buffalo!  The 2findyourhome.com website is actually competing with the Buffalo News over content.  You can see below that the Buffalo News has only has 35% of all the listings. Ouch!  That hurts when most newspapers are able to corrupt the local realty associations to get all these lovely listings!  Not in Buffalo!  We love it. Wonder what they are offering to brokers who submit their listings???  Hmmm.

The site you want to be on is 2findyourhome.com, and you can get access through the List2Move.com website

Email update from the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors October 2, 2010

2 Find Your Home August Update

As we move from summer into fall, I am pleased to report that YOUR website has had increased traffic from August to September.  Specifically, we have had 4.6 million page views (up 150,000) and 166,000 unique visitors (up 5000) respectively.  Additionally, several brokers have asked about the relative amount of information that the Buffalo News is receiving from member brokers.  To the best of my knowledge they are receiving approximately 35% of the listing data base.  In regards to YOUR print publication, distribution has grown and we are continually analyzing our drop off locations.  We are exploring new opportunities weekly.  If you know of a high traffic area that we should approach as a distribution point please contact me directly.  Finally, throughout the October editions you will see 4 full  pages of new advertisers!!!

America’s Choice vs. List2Move.com

What is the difference between America’s Choice and List2Move.com?

Actually there is a huge difference!  Take a look …..

Now let’s look at their website claims under a microscope!

First thing we noticed on their “Sell Your Home” page was the warning…

“Do not fall prey to flat fee MLS listers who charge hundreds of dollars without providing a fraction of the America’s Choice Internet exposure.”

Exposure? The truth is that even the worst flat fee lister can get you more exposure than America’s Choice because they are syndicated to hundreds if not thousands of websites that are a lot bigger than America’s Choice.  America’s Choice encourages you to compare for yourself and they even recommend a couple of sites to use, so we did.

First thing we noticed was that Nothnagle.com gets (which any “flat fee MLS lister” can get you on) about 700% more exposure then America’s Choice gets.  Homesteadnet.com (again,  which any “flat fee MLS lister” can get you on) gets about 400% more exposure.  So now add the exposure from hundreds and hundreds of additional websites and you get the picture.  Bottom line: Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.

“Nor will the flat fee MLS listers get your home sold for 1%. Their programs will at best, result in a 3% commission sale; but more likely, will result in a lost buyer.”

At Best result in a 3% commission sale? They obviously haven’t looked at List2Move.com’s Four Year Study (2006-2009) data which shows that 41% of homesellers over four years paid no commissions (total savings 6%) at all.  What they are really doing here is upselling their discount brokerage, not savings!  Flat Fee MLS is still the best bet if you are trying to save money, but America’s Choice doesn’t practice flat fee mls.

“Many flat fee listers say they work the MLS listings, but do they? Are they agents who spend their nights and weekends selling homes? Or are they a person sitting behind a desk 9-5 Monday through Friday? Our full time agents at 2.5% Real Estate Direct turn MLS inquiries into buyers at 1%.”

TIME-OUT AMERICA’S CHOICE! Flat Fee is about the owners doing the work to save the commissions!  Flat fee MLS listers do not work the listings.  We put them on the MLS and consult with the owners on strategy.  The savings to the owners is substantial.  Flat Fee homeowners or For Sale By Owners do same work your agents at 2.5% Real Estate Direct push on your sellers.  The only difference is your sellers are paying your agents to do this!  At List2Move.com our systems turn MLS inquiries into buyers at ZERO dollars!  Our rate is 41% of the time from 2006-2009.  What is your rate at 1%?  We would love to know.

“Our combination program is the only true combination of a successful flat fee real estate company with a successful real estate agency. You get the best of both worlds without sacrificing the real benefits of each. You can choose whether to combine with the realtor world at anytime – and you are not forced to offer 3% or more.”

Combination program? Seriously?  Any broker with a website can offer this “combo program.”  We could charge $495 just like you do and throw someone on our website and call ourselves a non MLS flat fee real estate company.  If we were crafty we could lock them in on our non-MLS flat fee listing agreement, so when the client finally realizes they need MLS exposure to sell, they can’t go anywhere but our discounted real estate agency. We wonder about the ethics of the combination of business models in real estate and therefore we don’t practice it.

“Our professionals from both companies know how to get your home sold: for no commission with America’s Choice alone or for 1% if you choose to partner with 2.5% Real Estate Direct. We have sold over $20,000,000 in 2009 at either no commission or 1%. In April of 2009 we sold a house on County Road in Clarence for $699,000 at 1%. In April of 2010 we sold a home on Nature Cove in Williamsville for over $650,000 at 1%. We sell in every village, town and city in Western New York and at every price level. There is a world of difference between us and others.”

Two properties at 1% Congratulations but List2Move.com sold 41% of 109 properties at zero percent and that is still a lot better!  Truth is -that most real estate agents don’t find the buyer for their listing.  Statistically it is less than 5%.  That statement above about 20 Million at “no commission or 1%” can’t be verified, so as far as we are concerned, it is pie in the sky.  Our listings at List2Move.com all have an MLS number and any real estate agent can verify the numbers.  If America’s Choice or 2.5% Direct really could substantiate these numbers, we would think they would post them, property by property.

America’s Choice Business Model in a nutshell.

  1. Bring you in for $495 with America’s Choice’s outdated website.
    • You could gain the same amount of exposure using a sign from Home Depot and Craigs list.  (12% of buyers in NY found the home they purchased from a yard sign!  So why pay $495 for one?)
    • …….. and when you don’t sell
  2. Convert you over to a discount broker which locks you in to a traditional (Exclusive Right to Sell) listing contract.
    • So when you find the buyer, you still owe them the 1% of your selling price.

Bottom line is that America’s Choice makes a lot of claims…but these claims aren’t backed up with any data what so ever!

June 23, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO – “Traditional pricing for real estate services is bound to crumble, and flat-fee brokers will likely deliver the deathblow” –Steven D. Levitt, co-author of “Freakonomics”

Three Simple Pre-Qualification Questions

So your property is now up for sale and the buyers are calling and want to see your house.  You scheduled four showings tomorrow, but you don’t know if any of the buyers are good candidates to purchase your home, so here is what you do; ask these simple questions before ……

  1. “John, are you working with a Realtor?” If “yes” then you want to make sure the Realtor is going to accompany the buyer.  That is why you offer a buyer’s agent commission so let the Realtor work it.  If “no” go to question #2 and #3.
  2. “Do you have a home to sell before you can buy one?” If “yes” they are what we call a contingent seller, and if they say “no” they are a very desirable buyer.
  3. “Have you been to the bank?” This tells you if they are pre-qualified.  If they tell you that they have not been to the bank, you need to tell them to call Karen at Premium Mortgage 585-746-0987 (She is great)  and to call you back after meeting with Karen for an appointment, so that you are not wasting your time.

Don’t waste your time with tire kickers, make sure buyers are serious about purchasing a home upfront, then you know you are talking to the right person!  Good Selling!

*Thanks to Rebecca Burcher our New Hampshire List2Move.com affiliate for the inspiration.

America’s Choice Rochester, NY: Flat Fee MLS doesn’t work?


America’s Choice (2.5% Real Estate Direct) 10/26/2009 stated on their website that Flat Fee MLS doesn’t work so lets check it out using their best case scenario…..

Let’s compare their YTD vs. the Rochester List2Move (Roxwell Properties, Inc.) to see if there is any truth here and we will use the best case scenario, which is where there is no other company  involved in the sale.

Our guess, even before crunching the numbers is they are blowing smoke for the simple reason of getting more of your money!


YTD 2.5% Real Estate Direct has generated 10 sales where the buyer has come directly to them so…

10 sellers paid $495 each to get on the program and 1% of the selling price of the YTD total $1,456,200 to the 2.5% Real Estate Direct brokerage or a total of…..  $19,512 out of the sellers pockets ($1951.20 each)

List2Move had 6 sales where the buyer has come directly to them so…since they pass the buyer directly to the seller, the sellers all saved that additional 1% in commissions!

6 sellers paid $495 each to get on the program and 0% of the selling price of the YTD total of 1,255,500 to List2Move or a total of $2970. ($495 each)

If you run with just the 2.5% Real Estate Direct numbers sellers would pay on average $1456.20 more than  they would have with List2Move to sell!

The Results

Conclusion: Flat Fee MLS does work!  These figures were based on America’s Choice’s and 2.5% Real Estate Direct’s best case scenario.  The only reason they are attacking the Flat Fee MLS business model is that it is hurting them financially! When you take into consideration the number of listings by each company YTD (2.5% Real Estate Direct 160 listings YTD and List2Move 49 you can see that only 1 in 16 (6%) listings sold with AC/2.5% best case and 1 in 8 (13%)with List2Move.com.   The numbers tell the story.

List2Move.com has received the Greater Rochester Association of REALTOR Sales Master Gold Award for the last two years and is going to be receiving another this November, not because “Flat Fee MLS doesn’t work!

The Smoke

Traditional real estate is most certainly under attack by the Flat Fee Monster and they don’t like it, as sellers from all over the country are tapping the MLS which is putting a hurt on real estate commissions everywhere.

Since there is big money involved companies in an effort to survive are using all they have left to compete with… smoke.

America’s Choice and 2.5% Real Estate Direct are not immune to this even though they are considered discounters. They still are surviving on the commissions where most flat fee companies don’t, so they are still in a way, traditionalists. Steve Levitt, author of Freakonomics predicted in 2006 that Flat Fee discounters would be the “death blow to traditional real estate.”

Traditionalists believe that if they confuse the customer it will put money in their pocket.  The problem is when the consumers figure it out, and they will, it comes back on the creditability of the company/agent.

Competitive take

This kind of competition is good, not necessarily when it confuses the customer, but when it forces other competitors to bring the truth to the surface like we have.  Ultimately consumers will be the judge and when anyone tries to mislead them on what is best for them it will have an equal and opposite reaction.

We believe this attack on flat fee is directly related to us advertising our services starting in October 2009.  So we want to thank our competitor for the complement :)

*Figures: Taken directly from the GRAR MLS, Reports 11/7/2009