Selling Strategy

If someone asked me what the best strategy for selling their home.  Here is exactly what I would tell them and this is exactly what I would do. (If I weren’t a licensed broker and have 20 years experience under my belt)

  • Get MLS exposure! But make sure you have unlimited time to sell.  Sellers often think they are going to sell quickly.  Six months goes by really quick
  • Don’t sign an “Exclusive Right To Sell” Contract.  If you do, you will have to pay your listing broker whatever you are offering for a buyers agency commission, even if you found the buyer!  That could add up to thousands of dollars!
  • Make sure it comes with someone you can talk to when you need to talk.  Like having someone on pager.  There is nothing worse than not being able to get a hold of expertise when you need it.
  • Web infrastructure! Make sure you have access to your listing without having to contact someone to do it for you.  You want to be in control!
  • Make sure your broker is FSBO Friendly! How will you know?  Look at his/her website! Does he show his listings with his phone number on his website or yours!  (Keep in mind most if not all MLS will not allow you to put your phone number and contact info on their websites)  However, you want your phone number on his website, so buyers can contact you directly!!!
  • Brokers phone system has to be FSBO friendly! Most phone systems today are menu based so buyers should always be first!  “If you are a buyer, press 1 now”  If a buyer calls the brokers office the last thing they want is to have to enter a code off a sign, or to listen to a recorded message about your home.  They want to be heard!
  • Brokers MLS leads should be directed to his FSBO friendly web site to encourage buyers to connect directly with you!
  • Cut the middleman out for good! You want a way for buyers to contact you directly from the web!  We call it a buyers portal where buyers can enter in their information and hit a submit button and the info comes directly to you!  NOT YOUR BROKER!!!
  • Judge your brokers website!!! Is it just a sales pitch to get you on the MLS or does it showcase listings to attract buyers!
  • Don’t leave money on the table! When you are thinking about buyers agent’s commission.  I wouldn’t offer the full amount.  There are a lot of sellers who are not offering the whole traditional amount!
  • Signs Work.  Get them! If you can get brand coordinated signs from your broker they will project professionalism.  But even a car board sign will work. Don’t forget Open House signs and directionals!
  • Make sure your phone number is on the yard sign! Make sure you are there to answer the phone!  Sometimes buyers are anxious to get in!  Don’t lose a buyer because you didn’t answer the message!!!!
  • Get a MLS # Rider!  Agents won’t bug you for your listing if they see you are on the MLS!!!!
  • Don’t advertise open houses in print media! Most buyers are on the web which is really efficient!
  • If you don’t have an attorney get one that you will be able to bounce legal questions off of.
  • Do you have FREE access to Paperwork? Contracts, Addenda, Sign in Sheets, Disclosure etc!!! Make sure you can down load these forms when you need them!
  • Don’t get weak around agents! You have the same tools and exposure as they do! You know your house better then they will ever, and believe me when I tell you this …there is no magic in real estate!   They want your commission dollars and the easiest way to get it is to make you feel inferior to them… DON’T!  All they will do is drop your price until it sells, then take your money!
  • What about Video? There is no proof that it works, there is no statistics that it works but in the high end homes I always recommend them.  I personally believe that buyers looking at these homes after watching a well put together home video tour is a higher qualified as a buyer.  When they come to visit the home, they want to see how it feels.
  • What about Featured Listing on  It is a form of exposure on the worlds largest real estate website.  If you are looking at more than one flat fee mls company, go with the one that gives you a featured listing.  Even if you have to pay more.  You will get more photos and buyers (so they tell us) search by number of photos.
  • Listen to the market.  If you are listed and you are not getting many calls or showings.  You have to lower your price.  If you don’t, thinking that a “full service agent” can get you your price.  You are sadly mistaking.  See our Four Year Study on this subject.
  • Free exposure.  Why not?  Only if you don’t have MLS exposure.  I would recommend a site that gives the most detailed exposure like any of the unmanned sites.  Just make sure if you have a MLS number to use it so it keeps those agents who want to “list” your property away!

I will continue to add to this list as things pop into my mind, but if you have any questions just post them here and I will respond.  Thanks!

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