Hey Bob, you’re missing the boat!!!

Dear Bob,

I saw the article about your sale in the NY Times this morning.  Dude you are totally missing the boat.  Love the effort but you are wasting your time and money!

I get it, you are in it on principle, but you are spinning your wheels in a big way.  Brokers know this too, so they are just waiting in the wings for you to cave.  Why? Because they know if you stay the course, it’s not a matter of when you are going to list but whom your going to list with.

So let’s get this straight;  you’ve got money to burn (that’s cool), you went to school with Bill Clinton (very cool), and you have this big ass house that you are trying to sell yourself (super cool).  But you wanted to employ romance while selling the house?  Something is totally out of whack here…

Your website is awesome!  Probably the best that money could buy and you’ve “spent over $270,000 on newspaper ads, including in The New York Times, and had been paying $500 to $1,000 a day for a Google service to get his Web site ranked high. He also has two full-time employees and three part-time workers trying to sell the property.”  OMG Bob are you for real?  Now you are frustrating me!  You’re trying to reinvent the wheel with no expertise, a financial recipe for disaster -for sure! (I know exactly what you are thinking…“I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning.”)


Now you are… “sending out personalized photo books to 500 wealthy people he has identified as top prospects, at a cost of $50 a book.”  (In a deep voice, “that’ll do it!”) And to top it all off, your now you are using Willy Wanka incentives?  A $250,000 finders fee!  Oh, I am on it Bob!  Winning!  Anyone want to buy a house?    I am soooo motivated to sell that property.  Oh-one problem here Bob, I can’t take the finders fee here in NY because I am not licensed, that would be illegal.  Hmmm, wonder if you could get me Bill Clinton’s autograph instead!

You say…“I used a lot of the skills I used in my past successes.”.  Well Bob- it ain’t good enough!  You old dog you!

Someone please someone give Bob some pointers….any recommendations?

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