Generic Real Estate Legal Forms

Did you know that many of the cheap flat fee mls companies use cheap forms?

If you hook up with a company that sells you cheap legal forms because they were $100 cheaper, you are going to pay a lot more for your attorney for the simple fact that he/she is not familiar with them. Stick to LOCAL FORMS ! It makes the whole process easier!!!

And did you know that you will pay through the nose when your deal gets to your attorney because he/she has to reinvent the wheel?  Every MLS has different forms even in the same state.  Don’t make your attorney think- use local real estate forms!!!!

Don’t go with a national company and have to buy cheap real estate legal forms, Go with since the infrastructure was built with you in mind and get FREE Local Real Estate Legal Forms!! was started in Rochester, NY with the belief that if you gave the FSBO all the tools, including all the LOCAL LEGAL FORMS available to the local professionals, they could compete with the professionals for their equity!

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