FSBO: Why It’s Not So Hard to Sell Your Own Home; Then vs. Now

Don’t believe everything you hear!  It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Flat Fee MLSIn the old days FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner’s) couldn’t list their properties in the MLS and that alone was a huge disadvantage.  Today sellers have access to many Internet tools, especially List2Move’s data base driven MLS Machine where they can not only gain access to the local MLS, but have full control over their listing 24/7.  In fact, they have more access to their listing than most sellers do with a full service agents!  Ouch!


Are Flat Fee Home Sellers Now Competing with Full Service Real Estate Agents?


Agents in the past wouldn’t show FSBO properties, instead they used to prey on them because it wasn’t a matter of when they list, but whom they listed with!   Today if FSBO homes are listed in the MLS, agents are ethically obligated to show the properties if their buyers want to see them.


FSBO’s used to overprice their properties and needed professional assistance to get it right.  Not anymore!  The Internet is boiling over with sites that use electronic valuation models or AVM (Automated Valuation Models), and many are free!  In fact, many banks use the same models when considering refinances and appraisals.  AVM’s are not perfect but neither are appraisers!  Every real estate agent worth their salt also knows that if a property is on the MLS and they are not getting any activity, the price is to high!  Lower it!


Buyers felt intimidated.  Not any more!  Buyers simply don’t care who is showing the property.  All they care about is the problem they are trying to solve, suitable housing!


FSBOs get in all sorts of legal trouble.  Hardly!  We have not seen or even heard of one law suit in seven years!  This is nothing but a ploy to get you to spend your equity on commissions, don’t give it a thought.


Things have definitely changed for the better!  No doubt that List2Move.com has some of the best tools on the Internet to give you the edge and even the US government is on your side and wants you to succeed!


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