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FSBO: Why It’s Not So Hard to Sell Your Own Home; Then vs. Now

Don’t believe everything you hear!  It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Flat Fee MLSIn the old days FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner’s) couldn’t list their properties in the MLS and that alone was a huge disadvantage.  Today sellers have access to many Internet tools, especially List2Move’s data base driven MLS Machine where they can not only gain access to the local MLS, but have full control over their listing 24/7.  In fact, they have more access to their listing than most sellers do with a full service agents!  Ouch! Continue reading

Wolf in sheeps clothing

Be very careful where you get your information on the Internet.  Many agents will post FSBO friendly information like statistics and articles on who can get you more money…you as a FSBO - or they –  as experienced agents.  These stats usually come from the National Association of Realtors (NAR)…an association that gets their money from keeping 1.3 million agents in  the business of collecting high commissions so they in turn  can collect their  own high dues.   These statistics are massaged before they are published and can be very misleading.  If the studies were conducted by a third party it might project an entirely differnt viewpoint. Listen to what they have to say, but educate yourself from other sources as well. There is so much going on behind the scenes in real estate today ( for example, the multiple lawsuits being filed against the NAR by the Department of Justice) that the general public just can’t stay on top of it all. Visit  FSBO friendly sites like and others to expose yourself to the issues regarding your own particular circumstance and make selling decisions based upon facts. The myriad options open to sellers who now - finally  – have access to the Realtor MLS are worth knowing about!

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