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What about grouping your showings?

I was talking to one of our clients this afternoon and she was concerned because she had a showing set up tomorrow at 5:15pm and another agent had just pushed his way in the door at the same time.

At first I could understood her concern, but after a second to process this, I thought it was great!  It brought back memories of me showing my apartments across town to perspective tenants all at 6pm so I didn’t have to make a million trips.  What happened, if they all showed up on time, was a competitive feeding frenzy.  Tenants competing for my rental apartment.  I loved it.  Still do it today.

Years ago I helped my brother in-law sell his home in Irondequoit.  I remember pricing it high for even a good market.  When we had our first Open House, there were lots of buyers in the house at the same time, so jokingly I told them we were looking at offers at 7pm.  Sure enough, we had two offers that night.  It was a scramble.  The first offer was at list price and the second was 5K over.

Hmmm, wonder which one we accepted.  This is more psychological than anything else but guess what?  It works, sometimes.  Think about it.

Rebate Check cut! (Fairport, NY) today cut a $5206.88 check as a rebate to buyers who recently closed on their new home built by Morrell Builders in Victor, NY.

These buyers were also sellers with and because there was no agent on either side of the selling transaction they saved over $10,000 in selling commissions as well.

Not bad considering we are still in a recession!  Smart?  You bet. offers flat fee MLS for sellers and offers commission rebates for buyers.

East Rochester, NY


These people in East Rochester totally get it…. Notice that nice looking sign which is included with all of our listings? Rocks !