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For Sale By Owner in Roanoke Virginia

This week List2Move opened it’s doors in Roanoke Virginia.  The packages offered are some of the most competitive packages we have seen in the United States.

If you are selling your home by owner (For Sale By Owner) you would be crazy not to talk with the friendly people at Homestead Realty.  Better yet you can just log in and list your home, because the last thing you are going to do is pay!  Getting started is simple- and if you have any questions just call (540) 904-4069 .

Remember these people at Homestead Realty are local!  They are your neighbors who wanted to bring to you the best infrastructure to beat the commissions!


List2Move was started 6 years ago in Rochester, NY with the belief that if you gave For Sale By Owners the same tools used by real estate agents and brokers, they could effectively sell their own homes.  The concept is working and sellers are saving thousands of dollars!

To see if there is an exclusive List2Move affiliate in your area just go to  Realtors interested in bringing to your city please go to Flat Fee Central.

Is your flat fee provider working against you?

For sale by owners, beware!


If you are not working with a provider that is truly on your side you will most likely pay the price.

$1000′s in commissions

What do I mean?  You must remember that when you go on the MLS, your not only tapping the number one tool of the Realtors but you are also getting syndicated nationwide in most cases, which is all good.  However, one key ingredient is missing that could be costing you thousands of dollars in commissions.

The buyer leads!


Where are they going?  They are going to the broker, not you (the for sale by owner) !!!!


Surprised?  Don’t be.


The MLS and the syndicated sites are set up for brokers,


not for sale by owners!


Brokers pay for this syndication out of their dues paid annually to their MLS and the small fee you pay to list your home or property on the MLS is just that.  A small fee for exposure or advertising!  It does not guarantee you the buyer leads!  However,


Getting around this is easy

Look at the brokers listings on the brokers website.  Is it FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Friendly or not?  You should see a way to clearly get in touch with the owner.  The broker should also be promoting this on the public MLS website.


List2Move sends you 100% of the buyer leads


Log on and list!



Adding the commission to the purchase price

This could be a first. Could times actually be changing?

I got a call this evening from one of our newer listings who had an offer brought in by a real estate agent.  This agent obviously saw in the MLS (database) that our client was only offering $1.00 (one dollar).  But to the agent’s credit, she didn’t moan and groan about how the seller has to pay her commissions. Instead she counseled her buyers, explained the situation and wrote the commission into the offer.  This is called being a PROFESSIONAL.  She was upfront and honest with all parties involved!


So we talked about the offer, and it was legit.  Good price, good closing date, good time for financing etc, so basically, it was a “clean” offer.  But I could tell the seller was interested in the win/win her and for this agent.  They weren’t quite at their price and the agent wanted her 3% commission.  The answer to me was simple, just add the cost of the commission to the price that the seller wanted in a counter offer.   I explained that this is done all the time when buyers need help in the form of seller concessions.  The client went on to explain that the agent was very “nice” and accommodating and that she had communicated several time since she brought the buyers in.  And before we ended our conversation, I got the feeling that the sellers liked this agent and maybe they weren’t going to counter with the full 3%.


We are going to find out sooner than later, but if I were to guess…I am thinking the sellers are going to counter less then the full cost of the commission and pay it.’s take on the NYS Profile of Realtors…

2010 National Association of Realtors Member Profile (NYS)

Ok, this always drives me nuts.. I have to sift through 136 pages to get what’s relevant.  I mean, do we care how many Realtor’s voted in the last national election?  No, we want to know who that shlep is that will eventually bring us an offer.

Who is this Realtor?

Statistically speaking,she is a 54 year old white chic.  And….

  • there is a 50/50% chance that she is going to be either a broker or an agent, but who cares….
  • there is  1 and 10 chance she has been in the business for hopefully 2 years.  Ouch….really?
  • there is 20% chance she rarely or never uses email or the Internet
  • 49% says she won’t even have a website
  • 75% says she works on a commission split with her company.  Or
  • 15% says she could be getting 100% of that commission… Hmmm
  • 52% chance she doesn’t have a Bachelors Degree, but chances are better she has a high school degree (12%) than a graduate degree (11%).
  • she spends more money on promoting herself than she does promoting her own listings
  • she knows that MLS sells houses if they are priced right, but the key is price.
  • she will talk up the low cost ineffective marketing gimmicks that “separate” her from the competition
  • she wants to lock you up in a contract you can’t just break, because it benefits her.
  • she wants you to believe that you need her, even though she can’t give you a really good reason
  • she won’t discount her commissions

But don’t worry…. there is a very good chance (83%) that she owns her own house.  And…she probably voted….

Bottom line:

Truth is the National Association of Realtors doesn’t have a lot to work with so they put the big spin on the stats to confuse you. and it works….most of the time, and sometimes they confuse themselves.

Rebate Check cut! (Fairport, NY) today cut a $5206.88 check as a rebate to buyers who recently closed on their new home built by Morrell Builders in Victor, NY.

These buyers were also sellers with and because there was no agent on either side of the selling transaction they saved over $10,000 in selling commissions as well.

Not bad considering we are still in a recession!  Smart?  You bet. offers flat fee MLS for sellers and offers commission rebates for buyers.

Bitten by the facts

Disclosure Breach

Dubuque, IA: (Mar-10-08) A lawsuit was filed against a Dubuque woman Rita Russow and her realtor Dominic Goodmann Real Estate, by a couple Chad and Michelle Miller who claimed they were not told of problems with a house they bought at 2801 Summer Drive, including the suicide of the previous owner’s husband.

The Millers who bought the Dubuque home for $136,000, claimed that structural problems, including leaky roof and the suicide of Rita Russow’s husband at the home in 1992 caused them to suffer damage and indicate they wouldn’t have made the purchase, had they known about the issues. The couple also claimed in part that they were haunted by her husband’s suicide.

The lawsuit, claimed negligence, misrepresentation, equitable fraud, recission and statutory nondisclosure and sued Russow for breach of contract. Rita, 65 years old, says she was forced to file for bankruptcy to save herself financially from the lawsuit. The settlement was reached with her real estate agent and co-defendant Dominic Goodmann Real Estate and dismissed last month. [IOWA WIRE: LAWSUIT OVER HOME’S HISTORY SETTLED]

Wolf in sheeps clothing

Be very careful where you get your information on the Internet.  Many agents will post FSBO friendly information like statistics and articles on who can get you more money…you as a FSBO - or they –  as experienced agents.  These stats usually come from the National Association of Realtors (NAR)…an association that gets their money from keeping 1.3 million agents in  the business of collecting high commissions so they in turn  can collect their  own high dues.   These statistics are massaged before they are published and can be very misleading.  If the studies were conducted by a third party it might project an entirely differnt viewpoint. Listen to what they have to say, but educate yourself from other sources as well. There is so much going on behind the scenes in real estate today ( for example, the multiple lawsuits being filed against the NAR by the Department of Justice) that the general public just can’t stay on top of it all. Visit  FSBO friendly sites like and others to expose yourself to the issues regarding your own particular circumstance and make selling decisions based upon facts. The myriad options open to sellers who now - finally  – have access to the Realtor MLS are worth knowing about!

( does not represent buyers. Period.  it is against their company policy because they consider it a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. ) does not represent any buyers at all, it is against their company policy because they consider it a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. 


Wanted: Flat Fee Realtors

We want your site addresses, your territory, and a description of your services for inclusion in our selling by owner 101 resource blog.

Email us at Expansion Opportunity


Are you looking for a concept that makes complete sense?

list2movelogo.jpg, a customized database driven virtual office website, is offering up the exclusive rights to real estate markets across the country. 


Our business model, designed by a Broker and NYS Certified Real Estate Instructor, is “broker assisted,” For Sale by Owner, and is fully automated utilizing e-commerce.  We are in the business of saving people money. is not a franchise; the virtual office is customized by the lessee and provided for by a low monthly fee.  Training and marketing resources will be provided to the affiliate-no technical ability required.


To discuss this opportunity, please call 585-377-5000  (Ext. #4)

Please visit

Property Condition Disclosure

We would like to acknowledge and thank John Blyth, Esq. for his expertise on this subject.

Many real estate agents will tell you that the Property Condition Disclosure is “required” and you have to fill it out. This is not true. You have options…Please read John’s remarks below… Download here…. Property Condition Disclosure

The New York Property Condition Disclosure Act (the “PCDA”) affecting the sale and puchase of residential property in New York is found in Real Property Law, Sections 460 through 467. It became effective on March 1, 2002.

The PCDA requires the seller to deliver to the residential buyer a 48 question Property Condition Disclosure Statement (PCDS) and provides for actual damages for willful failure to provide truthful answers based on actual knowledge OR a credit of $500.00 at Closing for failure to deliver the PCDS. The provision regarding the $500.00 credit is found in Section 465 of the Act.

Upstate, where the broker usually fills in the blanks in a bar association contract, a PCDS is routinely being delivered. Downstate, where attorneys prepare the contracts and transactions often involve larger prices, the seller often opts to give the $500.00 credit instead of delivering the PCDS.

There is a body of case law developing in New York where sellers have been found liable for willful failure to provide truthful answers based on actual knowledge. Rather than face this potential liability, some sellers have preferred to give the $500.00 credit. The buyer should be encouraged to make its own due diligence investigation by responsible professionals (engineers, etc.) responsible to the buyer.

See Karl B. Holtschue, Responses of the Legislature and the Bar Associations to Court Decisions on Sales of Residences, NYSBA N. Y. Real Property Law Journal, Spring 2005, Vol. 33, No. 2.

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