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FSBO: Why It’s Not So Hard to Sell Your Own Home; Then vs. Now

Don’t believe everything you hear!  It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Flat Fee MLSIn the old days FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner’s) couldn’t list their properties in the MLS and that alone was a huge disadvantage.  Today sellers have access to many Internet tools, especially List2Move’s data base driven MLS Machine where they can not only gain access to the local MLS, but have full control over their listing 24/7.  In fact, they have more access to their listing than most sellers do with a full service agents!  Ouch! Continue reading

Flat Fee MLS in Rochester NY has been doing Flat Fee MLS in Rochester NY now for over 7 years and their business philosophy hasn’t changed from day one;

“if you give homeowners the same tools as the professionals, they will succeed.”

When we started years ago there was only one other company doing flat fee and they were doing it for over a thousand dollars.  We hit the market using technology and the Internet and at a fraction of their cost we put them out of business.  We developed systems to eliminate the middlemen in the equation which equates to big savings.

The founder of delivered a talk to the the NYS Bar on New Business Models in real estate in 2006. Continue reading

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) in Rochester NY

Rochester NY’s FLAT FEE, FSBO Leader


You have heard about “Location, Location, Location” in real estate but when you are selling your homes by owner you have to think about INFRASTRUCTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE!  Why? Because if you hitch your wagon to the wrong star you run the risk of leaving lots of money on the table.  


List2Move (formerly called was started right here in Rochester NY almost 7 years ago with the idea that if you give the sellers the RIGHT tools (the same ones the agents and brokers use) and a little coaching along the way, that they would be able to successfully sell their own real estate.  Well Rochester, it is working really well!  We can tell you with confidence that by listing with you have a 42% better chance of not paying any co-brokers commission at all. (And much better service and better signs than anyone in or out of town!)  We have saved our homeowners (our neighbors) over a $1,000,000 (million)  in commissions!


That being said, it is also true if you go with the cheapest service out there you are going to get some real cheesy looking signs, and little if any infrastructure which makes a big deal if you are really trying to save the most money.  So if you want to save the most money, have the least amount of problems and sell quick there is still only one real contender, the market leader…




For Sale by Owner in Hilton Head and Beaufort, SC

Are you selling your home by owner in Hilton Head or in Beaufort South Carolina?  Great news! is now working with FSBO’s (For Sale by Owners)  in both areas.  Now you can work with a broker who knows who is local vs. someone in New Jersey!


Here are the links…. Hilton Head, SC Beaufort, SC


Listing your home is as easy as logging in and listing your property.  The last thing you do is pay on the List2Move sites, so go ahead and get started selling your home.

For Sale By Owner in Roanoke Virginia

This week List2Move opened it’s doors in Roanoke Virginia.  The packages offered are some of the most competitive packages we have seen in the United States.

If you are selling your home by owner (For Sale By Owner) you would be crazy not to talk with the friendly people at Homestead Realty.  Better yet you can just log in and list your home, because the last thing you are going to do is pay!  Getting started is simple- and if you have any questions just call (540) 904-4069 .

Remember these people at Homestead Realty are local!  They are your neighbors who wanted to bring to you the best infrastructure to beat the commissions!


List2Move was started 6 years ago in Rochester, NY with the belief that if you gave For Sale By Owners the same tools used by real estate agents and brokers, they could effectively sell their own homes.  The concept is working and sellers are saving thousands of dollars!

To see if there is an exclusive List2Move affiliate in your area just go to  Realtors interested in bringing to your city please go to Flat Fee Central.

Infra-Structure Matters

When you are looking at flat fee brokers do yourself a big favor, check out their websites…Do they look like a fly by night or do they look like they are entrenched.  You will know the difference in a New York second.

Look for things like photos, owner’s phone numbers, enhancements, open house flags.  Do they offer featured listings, mortgage calculators, maps etc.

If you think that all flat fee brokers are the same think again!  There are those brokers that are me too brokers and there are brokers that are the leaders in their market.  Stay away from national companies that can’t tell you who the local guy is.  These companies farm your listing to the lowest bidder, and you are smarter than that, it will be a bad experience because neither care about your experience.

Line up yourself up for the best For Sale by Owner experience and find your self a broker who is entrenched.  List2Move prides itself in it’s infrastructure.  Go with the Flat Fee FSBO leader in Rochester NY.

For Sale By Owner’s Flat Fee MLS, Rochester, NY

Going For Sale By Owner in Rochester NY takes some thought.  The rewards are great if positioned with a company that doesn’t compete with you for buyers.  Some companies will throw you on the MLS and then when the buyer calls the broker the broker “represents” the buyer and collects the commissions.


Not at! has the the infrastructure that sends the buyers direct to the seller everytime.  Effectively removing the broker from the equation and puts more money in the sellers pocket.    For Sale By Owner’s in Rochester NY are learning that not all flat fee providers are the same!

Is your flat fee provider working against you?

For sale by owners, beware!


If you are not working with a provider that is truly on your side you will most likely pay the price.

$1000′s in commissions

What do I mean?  You must remember that when you go on the MLS, your not only tapping the number one tool of the Realtors but you are also getting syndicated nationwide in most cases, which is all good.  However, one key ingredient is missing that could be costing you thousands of dollars in commissions.

The buyer leads!


Where are they going?  They are going to the broker, not you (the for sale by owner) !!!!


Surprised?  Don’t be.


The MLS and the syndicated sites are set up for brokers,


not for sale by owners!


Brokers pay for this syndication out of their dues paid annually to their MLS and the small fee you pay to list your home or property on the MLS is just that.  A small fee for exposure or advertising!  It does not guarantee you the buyer leads!  However,


Getting around this is easy

Look at the brokers listings on the brokers website.  Is it FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Friendly or not?  You should see a way to clearly get in touch with the owner.  The broker should also be promoting this on the public MLS website.


List2Move sends you 100% of the buyer leads


Log on and list!



Google axes Real Estate Listings in Feb

Consumers will not be able to search Google maps for real estate listings and real estate companies/brokerages won’t be able to upload any listings….Interesting move by Google.  Well to be honest, everything Google does is interesting…

Positioning your home for sale in Buffalo, NY

The FSBO place to be in Buffalo

Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors owns the website “”  This is one of hundreds of syndicated websites on the Realtor network, but is the powerhouse in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

If you are not positioning your property on this website you are not getting the same exposure as Realtors and you are missing the majority of buyers. can get you on this website without paying traditional commissions, just click on the link and get started.

The Buffalo News looses in Real Estate listings dept.

Many local newspapers get all the real estate listings in return for favors,  but not in Buffalo!  The website is actually competing with the Buffalo News over content.  You can see below that the Buffalo News has only has 35% of all the listings. Ouch!  That hurts when most newspapers are able to corrupt the local realty associations to get all these lovely listings!  Not in Buffalo!  We love it. Wonder what they are offering to brokers who submit their listings???  Hmmm.

The site you want to be on is, and you can get access through the website

Email update from the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors October 2, 2010

2 Find Your Home August Update

As we move from summer into fall, I am pleased to report that YOUR website has had increased traffic from August to September.  Specifically, we have had 4.6 million page views (up 150,000) and 166,000 unique visitors (up 5000) respectively.  Additionally, several brokers have asked about the relative amount of information that the Buffalo News is receiving from member brokers.  To the best of my knowledge they are receiving approximately 35% of the listing data base.  In regards to YOUR print publication, distribution has grown and we are continually analyzing our drop off locations.  We are exploring new opportunities weekly.  If you know of a high traffic area that we should approach as a distribution point please contact me directly.  Finally, throughout the October editions you will see 4 full  pages of new advertisers!!!