More options for For Sale by Owners who want Flat Fee MLS in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse unveils a new pricing structure for FSBO’s (For Sale by Owners) in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, NY.

When this business was started we wanted to keep things simple, but we realized that not all customers need the same level of service.  Our new pricing structure helps all the customers.


2014 New Pricing Structure

Words can mean $$$ when you sell…

Generic Real Estate Legal Forms

Did you know that many of the cheap flat fee mls companies use cheap forms?

If you hook up with a company that sells you cheap legal forms because they were $100 cheaper, you are going to pay a lot more for your attorney for the simple fact that he/she is not familiar with them. Stick to LOCAL FORMS ! It makes the whole process easier!!!

And did you know that you will pay through the nose when your deal gets to your attorney because he/she has to reinvent the wheel?  Every MLS has different forms even in the same state.  Don’t make your attorney think- use local real estate forms!!!!

Don’t go with a national company and have to buy cheap real estate legal forms, Go with since the infrastructure was built with you in mind and get FREE Local Real Estate Legal Forms!! was started in Rochester, NY with the belief that if you gave the FSBO all the tools, including all the LOCAL LEGAL FORMS available to the local professionals, they could compete with the professionals for their equity!

Hey Bob, you’re missing the boat!!!

Dear Bob,

I saw the article about your sale in the NY Times this morning.  Dude you are totally missing the boat.  Love the effort but you are wasting your time and money!

I get it, you are in it on principle, but you are spinning your wheels in a big way.  Brokers know this too, so they are just waiting in the wings for you to cave.  Why? Because they know if you stay the course, it’s not a matter of when you are going to list but whom your going to list with.

So let’s get this straight;  you’ve got money to burn (that’s cool), you went to school with Bill Clinton (very cool), and you have this big ass house that you are trying to sell yourself (super cool).  But you wanted to employ romance while selling the house?  Something is totally out of whack here… Continue reading

FSBO: Why It’s Not So Hard to Sell Your Own Home; Then vs. Now

Don’t believe everything you hear!  It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Flat Fee MLSIn the old days FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner’s) couldn’t list their properties in the MLS and that alone was a huge disadvantage.  Today sellers have access to many Internet tools, especially List2Move’s data base driven MLS Machine where they can not only gain access to the local MLS, but have full control over their listing 24/7.  In fact, they have more access to their listing than most sellers do with a full service agents!  Ouch! Continue reading

Where ever you are…List-2-Move!

As of this week is Nationwide!  In fact many of our sites allow you to list for Free!

If the site doesn’t have a broker/owner you list on our site for free!  And if you order up MLS we will find you the best broker in your area or you will get your money back!

We are now in all 50 States, if the site doesn’t have a broker/owner you list on our network for FREE!

Getting started with List2Move

Last thing you do is pay…so go ahead and start building your listing today…!!!!

Watch this video and get started.  You can list any property; Residential, Land, Commercial, Town House/Condo, and even Rentals!  We teach you how do do what your real estate agent does and we are always there for you if you have any questions! Continue reading

Why selling home by owner makes so much cents!

Selling by owner has evolved to the point where it is taking market share from traditional brokers.  Why, you might ask?  Because it has gotten to the point where it is easy!

Let’s face it….

  • You’re going to show your property either way and in many cases, while your agent is out getting new listings or at their kids softball game, you are going to open up.  And it’s hard to hide when your face to face with a buyer.
  • You’re going to negotiate either way, but you already know what your bottom line is and not having the overhead of a middleman can put you in a much better competitive position to negotiate.  It is all about dollars and cents here.  If you have more to work with you are simply in a better position to negotiate.
  • The forms are just fill in the blanks so most people know where to put the price offered and the closing date.  This isn’t rocket science especially when help is a phone call away, if you are with
  • Qualifying buyers is as simple as asking them, “have you been to the bank?” and finding out where they bank.  That’s what the pros do before they let anyone in the house.

The bottom line is….

In order to compete with the “full service” Realtors you need access to their local tools and only can get you there through it’s patent pending MLS listing machine.  Give yourself the edge for a fraction of the cost and list your property on  If we don’t have an affiliate where you list we will interview a like minded broker who will assist you!



Flat Fee MLS in Rochester NY has been doing Flat Fee MLS in Rochester NY now for over 7 years and their business philosophy hasn’t changed from day one;

“if you give homeowners the same tools as the professionals, they will succeed.”

When we started years ago there was only one other company doing flat fee and they were doing it for over a thousand dollars.  We hit the market using technology and the Internet and at a fraction of their cost we put them out of business.  We developed systems to eliminate the middlemen in the equation which equates to big savings.

The founder of delivered a talk to the the NYS Bar on New Business Models in real estate in 2006. Continue reading

List2Move Syracuse Forms

The following local forms are available on the List2Move Syracuse site (including the surrounding counties) for active For Sale by Owner properties in Syracuse (Central NY).

Available for free when you are a List2Move client

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